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Pilots: 16
Total Airline Hours: 143
Flights: 85
Flights Today: 0
Miles Flown: 48,341
Aircraft: 4
Passengers: 14,485
Routes: 40

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Posted by Mohammed Al-Yousufi on 08/07/2017

Welcome in Salam Air Virtual

Recent Flights

Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
OMS302Alan LooveesOISSOOMSA320-20001.29-230 ft/m Accepted
OMS301Alan LooveesOOMSOISSA320-20001.32-201 ft/m Accepted
OMS322Saeed AlbalushiUBBBOOMSA320-20003.27-408 ft/m Accepted
OMS 321Saeed AlbalushiOOMSUBBBA320-20003.31-496 ft/m Accepted
OMS266Saeed AlbalushiOPKCOOMSA320-20001.46-188 ft/m Accepted
OMS265Saeed AlbalushiOOMSOPKCA320-20002.08-306 ft/m Accepted
OMS021Fahad A.salaamOOSHOOSAA320-20001.35-131 ft/m Accepted
OMS103Munther AlhadidiOOMSOMDBA320-20001.03-484 ft/m Accepted
OMS114Alan LooveesOEJNOOMSA320-20002.53-236 ft/m Accepted
OMS022Fahad A.salaamOOSAOOSHA320-20001.31-167 ft/m Accepted

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Recent Bids

Mohamed has chosen flight OMS005 departing from OOMS arriving at OOSA,and will be flying a A320-200 (A4O-OVC)

Mohamed has chosen flight OMS003 departing from OOMS arriving at OOSA,and will be flying a A320-200 (A4O-OVA)

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