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Subject: New update for website Dated: 06/30/2020

dear Memebr we would like to thank you for your kind effort during the last 6 years of lanch Oman Air vritual 

Our website is now fully updated and for your easy access we have modified a lot of areas that you have been using every day while browsing the site.

We would like to bring few important changes that we had made during the recent update.

1 - First of all our term and condations has been updated and you read it from here.

2 - Virtual Flight Booking has been re developed for the most easy use.

3 - everyone can now book a charther flight throgh our smartCARS softwate if the flight is not schelded 

4 - Now everyone can book connected flight from / to through OOMS (Muscat Airprot) from here .

5 - Flight briefing page has been updated and now you can send ONLINE IVAO flight plan directly from our system.
and you can get SimBrief document as well by sending the request through flight briefing page click here

6 - we have desgined and programe a new Virtual Tour System and you book and fly tour by click here

we hope that you will like our new modifications and important updates. In the future we hope to hear from you for any changes or modifications required for the above.

Once again Oman Air Virtual sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to you during our important update period.

kind regards ,
Mohamed Al yousufi OMA1
Assistant Chairman & WM