News & Updates

Subject: Website Important Updates Dated: 10/23/2016

Our website is now fully updated and for your easy access we have modified a lot of areas that you have been using every day while browsing the site.

We would like to bring few important changes that we had made during the recent update.
  1. RESOURCES section has been renamed to DOWNLOADS and is now listed under FLIGHT OPERATIONS on the navigation menu.
  2. LIVE FLIGHT MAP has been renamed to FLIGHT TRACKING and is listed under FLIGHT OPERATIONS.
  3. HALL OF FAME menu has been renamed to VIRTUAL BOARD which will be having all the old links.
  4. We have a new menu ALLIANCE which has few important links which must be listed.
  5. Flight Tracking Map which will now show you the correct Flight Track with all navigation data (waypoints, fix, vor, ndb etc.). Further selecting an aircraft (if any) on the map will show you the Flight Information in detail.
  6. Virtual Flight Booking has been re developed for the most easy use.
  7. FLIGHT SCHEDULES has been renamed to TIME TABLE and has been modified for better understanding and easy use.
  8. Oman Air Virtual Signature for websites, forum has been modified, which can be found on the Pilot Lounge.
  9. Awards and Badges have been re designed using our logo colors. New Badges will be available soon.
  10. PIREP section has a new update, you may find it more eye catching than the older version.
  11. Flight Briefing has been re designed with live weather map, fleet image, easy understanding.
  12. Destination interactive map is now available.
We hope that you will like our new modifications and important updates. In the future we hope to hear from you for any changes or modifications required for the above.
In the coming days we will be updating Pilot Lounge adding more resources and access. We also will be having a dedicated Tours section on our website for all pilots who participate on Oman Air Virtual Tours.
We will be also listing our website on the IVAO GCC division website and with partnership hosting more IVAO GCC events using Oman Air Virtual.
Once again Oman Air Virtual sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to you during our important update period.