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Oman Air Virtual is a platform designed only for flight simulation community to simulate virtually on the available simulation softwares such as Microsoft Flight Simulatior and Xplane.

We are not a commercial website and in no way are we affiliated with the real Oman Air, its affiliates, or any other airline in the real aviation industry. Oman Air Virtual members, who are dedicated and commited to their passion of flying and aviation from around the globe.

Oman Air Virtual is not endorsed or sponsored by the real Oman Air. Oman Air Virtual is a non-profit entity engaged in providing an avenue only for flight simulation enthusiasts world wide on IVAO OR VATSIM Network.

All logos, photographs, trademarks, brand, colors, and any other sources (if any) remain the property of Oman Air and other respective owners which was obtained from internet search engines.

You can read about Virtual Airlines, its operation, how it works and other related frequently asked questions on our Terms and Conditions section of this website.

Any questions or would you like to know more regarding our community please feel free to write to us.

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