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Oman Air VirtualPIREP - Flight # OMA281

Flight Details
Flight No.: OMA281 Aircraft: () Flight Time: 03.19 Date: 03/07/2016
Departure / Arrival
Departure: Muscat International Airport
Departure ICAO: OOMS
Arrivals: Bengaluru - Kempegowda International Airport
Arrival ICAO: VOBG
Pilot In Command / PIREP Status
PIC: Alan Loovees PIREP: Accepted
Other Flight Log Informations

Aircraft Used in flight is Boeiing 737-800 Oman Air
Aircraft model is B737
Flight Number= OMA281
Departure= OOMS
Destination= VOBG
06:52 Boarding
06:52 Engines ON
06:53 Landing lights ON
06:55 Taxiing to Runway
06:56 Paused
06:57 Unpaused
06:58 Landing lights ON
06:59 Taking Off
07:00 You Take off @ 200 Knots and Flaps at Position 4
07:00 Pitch angle 0 degrees and 20089 kg FOB
07:00 Paused
07:00 Unpaused
07:00 Landing Gear Up @ 228 Knots and 250 Feet
07:01 Climbing
07:18 TOC reached. Cruise 37000 ft
09:35 TOD reached. Descending
09:50 On Approach
10:01 Landing Gear Down @ 154 Knots and 5660 Feet
10:02 Landing lights ON @ 5470 ft
10:05 You Landed @ 130 Knots and with -68 Vertical Speed
10:05 Pitch angle 4 degrees and 9485 kg FOB
10:05 Taxiing to Gate
10:07 Landing lights OFF @ 3000 ft
10:13 Arrived
10:13 Max Sim Rate: 1x
10:13 CAVacars_free version

Flight Remarks/Comments

Alan Loovees - Hey. The airport in the flight plan is not Bengaluru International Airport, it is the former airport which is now closed down. When I checked the live flight map, you wanted me to land in VOBL and not VOBG. So I think there is a correction to make in the flight plan. Change from VOBG to VOBL. Thank You.

Mohammed Al-Yousafi - Thank you cpat Alan for your comment . wwle will see that and double check for all flights . Regrade

Alan Loovees - You are welcome
Revenue from this Virtual Flight
Gross Revenue: $ 27, 676.00
(148 load / $ 187.00 per unit)
If revenue is $ 0, it means this flight was not a scheduled Oman Air Virtual flight. There for gross revenue were unable to calculate.
Fuel Cost: $ 56, 985.00
(11397 fuel used @ 5 / unit)
If cost is $ 0, it means this flight was not a scheduled Oman Air Virtual flight. There for fuel cost were unable to calculate.