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Tanzania, United Republic Of

Second officer
10 Flights
22.35 Hrs

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Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
OMA438 OIIE OOMS B737-81M (A4O-BQ) 02.31 02/14/2020 Accepted
OMA437 OOMS OIIE B737-81M (A4O-BQ) 02.38 02/13/2020 Accepted
OMA 708 HTZA OOMS B737-8FZ (A4O-BG) 04.57 02/12/2020 Accepted
OMA705 OOMS HTZA B737-81M (A4O-BX) 05.05 02/11/2020 Accepted
OMA908 OOSA OOMS B737-8FZ (A4O-BM) 01.38 02/10/2020 Accepted
OMA0273 OOMS OOSA B737-81M (A4O-BW) 01.37 02/10/2020 Accepted
OMA5409 WADD WIII B737-81M (A4O-BQ) 01.44 02/07/2020 Accepted
OMA3343 OOMS OOMX B737-81M (A4O-BU) 01.22 02/04/2020 Accepted
OMA 705 HTZA HTDA B737-81M (A4O-BX) 00.35 07/28/2018 Accepted
OMA 707 HTZA HTDA B737-8FZ (A4O-BG) 00.28 06/23/2018 Accepted