Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1) There are absolutely no criteria to become a member of Oman Air Virtual (age, experience, etc). Every applicant is accepted as long as the applicant is an IVAO Network Active member. For IVAO Network registration and terms and conditions please visit www.ivao.aero

2) As we mentioned on our Disclaimer - Oman Air Virtual is a platform designed only for flight simulation community to simulate virtually on the available simulation softwares such as Microsoft Flight Simulatior and Xplane.

3) New Pilots must submit their first PIREP within 15 days once your registration is Accepted. Those who do not report their first PIREP then their membership will be revoked.

4) It is a mandatory you log one flight minimum of 3 months. There is no limit of maximum flights as long as you fly and submit your PIREP.

5) Oman Air Virtual flights must be flown on the IVAO network ONLY with real world weather conditions. PIREPs log must not show any acceleration of Flight Simulation, if found PIREPs shall be Rejected.

6) Oman Air Virtual flights PIREPs must be submited using available flight tracking acars application from Downloads

7) All Pilots are initially assigned with rank 'Trainee' automatically once membership is Accepted. This rank can only be promoted if the pilot logs more than required virtual flying hours as per our Ranks & Position section of the website.

8) Pilots are advised to follow Flight Breifing before every flight they fly on the network, must fly the flight routes published by Oman Air Virtual Flight Operations at all times.

9) Pilots must fill their IVAO Flight Plan remarks (Item No.18) as written in the Flight Routes & Notes section of the Flight Briefing for each flight. However, Pilots shall change the remarks if needed according to the flight.

10) All Oman Air Virtual scheduled flight operations, has a designated aircraft section on the Flight Plan. This is the preferred aircraft type. There is no restriction for changing the aircraft type and Pilots are allowed to use any type of aircraft they wish fly.

11) Flight time shown on the Flight Briefing is the scheduled departure time and arrival time (from block to block) that is, from blocks off at departure to blocks on at destination.

12) Maximum acceptable landing rate is -600 fpm, any PIREP that has an excessive landing rate will be Rejected. (Unless there was a reasonable excuse for the excessive landing rate. Pilots should mention their explanation in the flight PIREP, on the Remark section before submiting).

13) A maximum disconnection of 15 minutes on the IVAO Network will be accepted due to Flight Simulation crash or any Internet disconnection.

14) Pilots should not book a virtual flight if they are not sure of flying it within scheduled departure time or 24 hours from the virtual flight booking time.

15) Not following the rules, membership may be revoked by the concerned senior staff member.

16) Oman Air Virtual reserves the right to amend these community rules, terms and condition at any time without notice and at its discretion and members agree to abide by its most recent version.

17) Pilot can book charter flight directly from our SmartCARS software and should fly with CALLSIGN consist of 4 RANDOM numbers. Ex (OMA6532,OMA1235,OMA6632)

18) If aircraft stalling 2 times the Flight will be REJECTED. And pilot will be notified by the staff.

19) Pilot must not exceed 30 minutes of pausing the simulator. If you exceed that duration, your flight it will be rejected automatically.
Note: Pausing the simulator in a controlled area without the ATC permission is strongly prohibited.

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